Talking about shapes in art, organic  is the antonym of geometric.
Among the several definitions, Merriam-Webster defines organic as “of, relating to, or derived from living organism” or “forming an integral element of a whole“.

Organic shapes can be easily percieved as abstract. Interestingly, nature’s shapes have nothing to do with abstraction, which is a psychological process.

Mathematics is the realm of pure abstraction – the concept of asymptote can give a an idea of its power – . Pure geometric “things” cannot exist: the stairway to perfection is asymptotic in physical world.
If something is matter-real, it must be organic below a certain level of observation.
For these reasons, I believe in  the primacy of organic on geometric if we are talking about matter-like reality.

So, if geometric abstraction talks to the right part of our brain, there must be a bond between what is commonly (and inatequatelly) called “brain’s right emisphere” and organic shapes.
The truth of this bond is what make you say “abstract!” when you’re enjoying nature’s organic shapes.

In art, an organic shape can be:

– Made by a mind (drawing, scuplting, CGI)
– Made by nature’s law

In these works, I show nature’s organic shapes in an abstract environment, made with an industrial candy I love.